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If you are looking for a great place to get wholesale body jewelry then look no further than Body Piercing Jewelry. Body piercing supply jewelry is made by high quality manufacturers in the United States and all over the world, such as Starrett Knightly, JML, Concepts, Adam&Eddie, Beehive Interiors, Matrix Glass, PVD, UTStarcom, and Swarovski. They offer high quality jewelry at wholesale prices and they ship fast to anywhere in the United States.

Wholesale Body Jewelry Suppliers

Wholesale Body Jewelry-Piercing is a store that has been in business since 1974 and is run by Jimmy Sapp. He has been in the piercing industry for a long time and has built a large inventory of wholesale body jewelry items to include nose studs, belly button rings, nipple rings, navel rings, labrets, bridge bars, eyebrow rings, lip rings, nose screws, lips, Marquis rings, head pins, nose rings, nipple covers, nipple pasties, labret covers, stretchers, earrings, bracelets, chains, lockets, belly chains, belly button rings, ear wires, nipple pasties, stretchers, and more. They ship to all of the United States and Canada and they offer a wide variety of wholesale body jewelry items including sterling silver, yellow gold, titanium, stainless steel, and 18 karat gold. They also provide custom piercings and design work.

This is a website that you can check out to see what kind of products they have to offer and whether or not they ship to your area. It also allows you to place your order online through their secure server from their homepage. The best wholesale body jewelry manufacturers will have minimum order requirements on their website so that you know what kind of minimums they require before you place an order. They may require specific lead times, lead materials, lead prices, or any other specifications that are necessary for good quality merchandise. With this website, you can get the best wholesale body jewelry suppliers at competitive prices and the best service as well.

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