The Benefits of Home Extensions

Home Extensions

If you’ve been thinking about expanding your home, you’ve probably heard about Ace Home Extensions. These are a great way to add more space to your home and to add more functionality to your current living arrangements. It’s also cheaper and safer than selling your home and moving to a different one, and it allows you to stay in the area you love and be close to local amenities. Listed below are some of the benefits of Home Extensions.

High-Quality Service And Competitive Pricing

Using a qualified architect or engineer is crucial if you want a professional-looking home extension. Architects and engineers create blueprints for building permits and will assist in construction of the addition. The contractor will usually recommend a particular architect or engineer to work with, which will ensure the extension meets the specifications of your home’s local building codes. Home extension drawings will also be used by the trades to finish the project. When planning the extension, it’s important to choose an architect, as an improperly designed addition will not only look unsightly, but will also hurt the appeal of your home’s design aesthetic and ultimately affect its eventual selling price.

A wrap-around extension combines a side return and rear extension, moving the outer walls in two directions. This style of extension is particularly suitable for families, creating a large open plan space. It’s also very versatile, offering the opportunity to blend indoors with the outdoors, and it’s a great option for a living room extension. Prices for a wrap-around extension start at PS55,000 and take four to six months to complete.

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