Fort Worth, Texas – One of the Southwest’s Great Old Settlements

Fort Worth, Texas is a unique place with lots of tourist attractions and activities to offer. A number of old forts remain in the town and are a great sight to see. There is Fort William Historical Park, which has many interesting buildings and historical figures such as the former President George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. Find out –

Worthington Monuments – Worthington Monuments

Fort Worth has been a major cotton and wheat market since the seventeenth century. In addition, the fort served as a prison for pirates during the period of Texas history known as the Wild West. The fort was destroyed during the Six-day War (often referred to as the War of the Independence). Nevertheless, it was reassembled and remained in use as a trading post throughout the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century. Today there are many tourist attractions including the nineteenth century blacksmith shop and gun store, the Fort W. Harrison Park, the old fort ruins, the Rose Center for the Arts and Humanities, the Science Museum of Texas and the Perot Museum.

The weather in Fort Worth is quite nice year round and the summers are warm and humid while winters are mild and usually mild with just a bit of snow. The months of January through March are very hot and humid but the months of April through June are mild and relatively un snowy. The fall is the best time to visit Fort Worth. There are many popular events to attend and numerous year-round festivals.

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