Exclusive Beaches in Ghana in 2022

exclusive beaches in ghana in 2022

Accra, Ghana, is a beautiful country and its beautiful beaches are some of the best in Africa. Its southern region, however, is known for its overcrowded, plastic-strewn beaches. While many of Ghana’s beaches are gorgeous and worth visiting, these are also very crowded and not the best option for a vacation. A more peaceful and exclusive beach destination is a must for those who are traveling to Ghana. adagya.com

The best time to visit Ghana is between November and May, which are the most popular months for tourism. If you plan to visit Ghana in the near future, then now is the best time to book a trip. You can fly to Ghana in as little as $1,189 and get a hotel for the same amount. During the off-peak season, prices are lower and it’s a good idea to reserve your tickets early. A lot of travel websites let you book up to 12 months in advance.

While you’re in Ghana, you’ll have the opportunity to spend the day on one of the best beaches in West Africa. Explore the ancient forts on the coast and get a sense of what life was like for slaves. You can also shop for souvenirs at the Kejetia Market in Kumasi, where you can buy everything from footwear to jewelry. You can also visit Mole National Park for a glimpse of the most popular African animals.

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