Landscaping On A Hillside

Landscaping around a rocky hill may seem like an idea from a fairy tale, but if you have ever tried landscaping in this difficult landscape, you know it can be an extremely rewarding and inspiring experience. There are many beautiful ways to landscape around a steep hill, such as walking paths, planting beds, garden sculpture and rock walls. The first challenge to overcome when planning a rocky hillscape is deciding which plants will work best. Rocks and soil can vary in difficulty, depending on your location and type of rock – Read more

Create Your Own Dream Garden on a Hill

Landscaping on a Hill with Erosion One of the biggest hazards of landscaping on a hill is the potential for erosion. If the hill gets high enough, slopes may become extremely steep and large rocks may fall down onto the landscape or into the water. Rocks with sharp edges, deep holes and extensive cracking are good candidates for erosion. When choosing rocks or other material for your landscape, keep these factors in mind and select products that will not erode too quickly.

Retaining Walls Landscaping around a large rock with a retaining wall can provide a nice border effect and can also be used to manage erosion. A retaining wall around a rock creates a strong border but should be made from durable material. It’s important to make sure that the landscape is not damaged by the wall as it provides a way to retain soil and keep weeds and grass from growing. It can also be built higher up, to provide a firmer border, or to provide an easier way to access areas that are otherwise difficult. When landscaping around a large rock with a retaining wall, plan your project carefully and be prepared to take extra time and effort.

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