Let me try and shed some light on this without being too boring. I'm not actually crazy and no one in particular dubbed me as "the crazy piano guy". I just wanted something that would be easy for people to remember because I knew when I started this, I'd be meeting hundreds of new people each week, sometimes each day. It's been quite an experience and I hope you're looking at this because I brought some joy to your day.

I grew up in Decatur, GA and came to NYC in 2003 to chase my ambitions as an artist which led to me becoming a Ballet Accompanist. It was enjoyable, but I ultimately wanted more experience performing and not just be behind the scenes. I had some enjoyable moments and even got as far as becoming the Music Director for the Joffrey Ballet School as well as playing for American Ballet Theater. But once I started to feel like Gollum referring to my piano as "my precious" I knew it was time to get out.

I brought a piano for the first time out into Union Square in the summer of 2007. After doing this just a few times I felt this was good direction for my life. I was really bringing great joy to others and myself. And although I wasn't composing symphonies, I felt I was creating art to a certain degree. Since then I've brought pianos with my own strength all over Manhattan, including such places as Times Sq, Grand Central, Union Sq, 34th street, Madison Park, and now most often to Washington Sq Park. in 2008-2009, I spent a great deal of time venturing the piano into the subway, which had its moments but ultimately, I got tired of the stale air and lack of sun light.

So keep an eye out for me. Feel free to talk to me. If I'm busy, just send an e-mail. It gets a little crazy out there sometimes, so don't take it the wrong way if I'm not up for a real long chat. Keep in touch, friend me on Facebook and see what's new on the site. All the best to you!!

Colin Huggins
"World's Happiest Man"

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